Contoh Soal Try out UN SMA


TAHUNPELAJARAN  2009  /  2010


# Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e!                                                                                                                                                                                      Reading 1

Once upon a time, there were four little rabbits.Their names were Flopsy,Mopsy, Cotton-Tail and Peter. One morning they were allowed to play outside. Their mother reminded them not to go to Mr.McGregor’s garden because their father had an accident there.

Flopsy,Mopsy and Cotton-Tail were good little rabbits. They went down the lane to pick blackberries. But Peter was Naughty. He ran straight away to Mr.Gregor’s garden. He ate some lectuces, French beans and radishes. Suddenly, he met Mr.McGregor. Peter was very frightened and rushed away as fast as he could. He lost a pair of shoes and a jacket while he was running. Peter never stopped running or looked behind him till he got home. During the evening, he was sick because he was so tired. He had to drink some medicine while three of his brother had bread, milk and blackberries for supper.

1.Who is the naughtiest rabbit?

a.Flopsy                                  c.Mopsy                                     e.Flopsy and Mopsy

b.Mopsy                                 d.Peter

2.What did Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton –Tail eat?

a.Carrot                                  c.Strawberries                         e.Bread

b.blackberries                       d.Lettuces.

3.What did Peter lose while he was running?

a.One of his shoes               c.Vegetables                            e.A part of shock

b.A book                                d.A pair of Shoes

4.Why did Peter get sick? Because….

a.He was so tired                c.He caught a cold                  e.He drank a medicine

b.He did not eat                  d.He was eating too much

5.Whom did Peter meet at the garden

a.His mother                        c.Mr.McGregor                     e.Brother

b.Flopsy                                d.Mrs.McGregor



Reading 2

Leading   TV-Adverstising

Company with broadcast interests worldwide seeks a specialist will design studies to determine consumer preferences and write reports for use within the company. Candidates must have a college degree with courses in research. Must also have experience in advertising. Outstanding oral, written, and computer skills are necessary. Downtown location benefits.

6.What does this job involve?

a.Making TV commercials                 c.Advertising product                    e. Distributing products

b. Discovering what consumers like          d.Testing product

7.Who will use the reports the specialist writes?

a.The consumer                                  c.The manufacturers                        e.The non profit company

b.The Television station                     d.The TV Advertising company

8.What qualification should the candidate have

a.Education in research and experience in advertising                d.A degree in broadcasting

b.Experience in television                                                                  e.Experience in publishing product

c.Ability in accounting


Reading  3.

Operate  Fan

1.Plug the power cord into a wall outlet (AC 120 volts 60 Hz)

2.To make the fan move sideways, push the pin on top of the motor

3.To move the fan up or down, first pull up the oscillating pin, then press the tilt adjustment knob

4.To change the speed on the fan, press one of the switches at the bottom


9.How do you power the fan?

a. by adjusting the knob                c. by pulling up the oscillating pin         e .By pressing the switch off

b. By pressing the switches          d. By plugging the power cord into a wall outlet

10.We change the speed of the fan by…

a.Pushing the oscillating pin         c.Pressing  the tilt adjustment               e.Plugging the power cord

b.Pulling up the oscillating pin one of the switches at the bottom

11.After pulling up the oscillating pin, we can move the fan up or down by ….

a.Pressing the swiches at the bottom         c.Adjusting the motor of the fan      e.Plugging the power cord

b.Pressing the tilt adjustment the knob     d.Pushing the oscillating pin

12.To make the fan move sideways, push the oscillating pin.

a.fix                                       c.Press                               

b.turn                                   d.switch

13.Pushing the pin on top of the motor, if we want to…

a.plug the power cord          c.move the fan  up and down           e.power the fan

b.make the fan mov side ways     d.change the speed of the fan


Reading  4.

Going to Pangandaran Beach

Ajie and Nugi are brther. They live in Pemalang. Last Monday evening , they went  to Pangandaran beach in west Java on their holiday. They left on Monday evening by bus , because they  hoped that they could arrive at Pangandaran area on Tuesday morning.

They found a hotel first on their arrival on this point of interest. They had a rest while enjoying the beautiful beach and after that  they visited Nature Reserve Cangkrungan and enjoyed delicious lunch in the restaurant. In the afternoon they swam at pananjung.

On the second day at their visit, they went to Karang nini  and Batu Hiu. On Thursday they went to Grand  Canyon and Batu layar in Parigi. They came back from Pangandaran to Pemalang the following day.

They didn’t  buy anything for their souvenir  but they took many picture to remind them about their visit to Pangandaran.They felt very tired but they were very happy.


14.The following is a part of the generic structure of the text above…

a.definition                  c.identification                     e.resolution

b.description               d.orientation

15.The following is the reorientation of the text above

a.They left on Monday evening by bus        d.They found a hotel first on their arrival

b.They felt  very tired but they were very happy                   e.On the second day at their visit they went to

c.They come back on the following day                                       Karang Nini and Batu Hiu

16.When did the boys swim at Penanjung ? the morning                       c.In the evening                         e.on Friday

b.on Tuesday                             d.on Wednesday

17. How many days stay in Pangandaran tourist resort?

a.One day                                   c.Three days                                e.five days

b.Two days                                 d.Four days

18.What place did the boys visit at last?

a.Nature Reserve Cangkrungan             c.The swimming pool Pananjung       e.Jatijajar cave

b.Karang Nini  and Batu Hiu                   d.Grand Canyon and Batu Layar


Reading 5.

The Lion was having a nap when a little mouse woke him up. The lion was annoyed so he picked up the little mouse and threatened to eat him up.

“Please spare me, oh, king of the jungle. If you do, I will do something for you one day!” begged the mouse. “What ! a little thing like you ? Ha! This is really funny” laughed the lion. Then he got the little mouse free because he thought that the little creature did not even taste good.

Several days later when the lion was walking in the jungle, he got into a trap. He struggled hard, but he still could not free himself. When he was about to give up, the little mouse came.He gnawed at the ropes of the net and then said,”Didn’t you once laugh at me for being little? Look how I have saved your life today?”


19.The story happen in the…

a.swamp            b.field           c.jungle          d.village            e.kingdom

20.What was the lion doing? It was….

a.eating        b.a nap       c.getting up              d.waking up                  e.drinking

21…..,s he picked up the little mouse and treated  to eat him up. What what does the word he refers to?

a.The lion       b.the little mouse       c.The mouse                d.The writer     e. The reader

22.How could the lion be free from the problem?

a.The lion walked into the trap   c.The mouse gnawed at the net and set it free  e.the lion free the mouse

b.The lion kill the little mouse     d.The mouse woke up the lion

23.From the story we can learn…..


a.don’t put your friend in the trouble        c.don’t underestimate those who are smaller

b.strength is always useful when we are in trouble your friend      e. be careful  to others


Reading 6.


Dear Sue,

All right, I’ll tell you where I am going to take you when you stay at my place next month. The place is called  Coban Ronda. It’s a small waterfall about 20 kms from my home. We can go there in my Dad’s car. Then we’ll have to walk about 10 minutes reach the waterfall. It’s really beautiful. The water is crystal clear and very cold. Believe me, you’ll love it. And don’t you worry, I’ll take you to some other beautiful places too. See you in June.

Yours truly,


24.According to the post card above, these statements are true , except…

a.Coban Rondo is near to the street            c.It’s quite easy to reach Coban Rondo      d.Sue has married

b.Kim never visit Coban Rondo                    e.Malang has many good places to visit

25.The word it in “Believe me, you will love it” refer to…

a.Mira’spost card     b.Coban Rondo   c.The journey       d.The water         e. Malang

26.Coban Rondo is a small…

a.river     b.waterfall

27. How is the water there?

a.Clear     b.Cold        c.Red        d.Crystal clear        e.Crystal clear and cold

28.Who is sender of the letter?

a.Sue      b.Dear Sue         c.Albert Smith       d.Mira            e.Mira’s Dad


Reading 7.

Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum is a place to preserve the historical evidence of Mr.Soeharto’s struggle and service to the country and nation from early independence up to era of national development.

As a tourist object this museum also houses a number of the finest works of art presented Mr. and Mrs. Soeharto by friends as well as colleagues from all corners of the world.

Through this booklet, one will have a glimpse at Purna Bhakti Museum. It covers the meaning and material of the existing  collections, consisting of various kinds and forms of the works art which makes this museum appealing to visit.

29.The text tells us about…

a.The present for Mr. and Mrs. Soeharto.       C.The purna bhakti museum as a tourist object

b.The booklet          d.Location of purna bhakti museum    e.A tourist object in Jakarta

30.The writer try to describe …

a.A place in specific way     b.A thing in general      c.A place    d.a place as an object  e.A thing in specific

31.The second paragraph tells the readers about tha…

a. general classification      b.general identification      c.description     d.sequence       e.orientation

32The characteristic of purna bhakti museum can be found in

a.paragraph 1.      B.paragraph 2       c.paragraph 3    d.none of them     e.classification

33.The main idea of paragraph three is…

a.The description of the museum      c.the definition of the museum     e.The museum

b.the description of the museum’s value        d.the location of the museum


Reading 8

Afraid of Needles

When I was in the first year of elementary school , all the students had to be inoculated against certain disease. I was so afraidof needles that when the doctor came to my class, I started to cry . When I saw my friends getting injection, I became so nervous that I ran out of the classroom.My teacher try to catch me and with everyone watching and laughing, I got my injection. It was so emarrasing!

34.When did the story happened? When the writer in the …of elementary school.

a.first    b.second   c.third       d.fourth    e.fifth

35.Why did the writer cry?

a.Because of the doctor arrival       c.because of the lost of book   e.because of the needles

b.because of the noughties child in her class           d.because of the candy

36.How did she feel at the time? She felt..

a.Sad   b.afraid    c.happy        d.angry         e.embarrassed


Reading 9.

We need a few more Tigers

Fortune advertising is our hunting for people and for business. We’ve recently made one big kill in harmless with our partner DDB Needham Worldwide and we’ve got more targets in our sights. We need:

-Accounts Executive (Code AE)         -Senior Copywrite (Code CW)      -Account Planner

We’ve equal opportunity employers. We’re looking for people who are university graduates, ideally in communication, age up to 27 for  AE and 35 for AP and CW, with fluency in bahasa Indonesia and English and at least 4 years experience in agency handling multinational accounts. For the AE and AP some background in marketing and research would  be a valuable plus.And we’re looking for self motivated, hungry tigers.

Write to us with the code for the job you’re seeking in the left hand corner of the envelope and send it to us in confidence not later than April 2006 in our new  lair.

PT Harapan Indonesia

Jl Andira Raya 105, Jakarta 1007

37.What kind of text is it ? it is a…

a.brochure        b.advertisement        c. application         e.announcement

38.What does hungry tigers means?

a.Lions     b.Someone who has angry      c.big and strong person     d.employers at part time

e.someone who has self motivated  and enthusiastic to work

39. What would be valuable plus for  the AE and AP?

a.Fluency in English     b.University  graduates    c.background in marketing and research

d.At least 4 years experiences in agencies    e.vocational graduates

40.The statements are correct except,…

a.officer    b.secretary        c.applicant        d.customer


Reading 10

Raffles was born in 1781 on a ship in Jamaica, joined the English East India Company at the age of 14, as the lowest form of  clerk and worked in London until he was sent to Penang in Malaysia in 1803. By the time time the six month sea voyage was over, he had taught himself in Malay. As assistant secretary to the Governor of Penang , he did all the important jobs and his spare time researched  local history and customs. Raffles liked the people and respected them.

In 1808 the ccmpany transferred him to Malacca, further down south, to gather intelligence about Java. England was at war with Napoleon  and worried that the French fleet would use the Dutch colony of Java. The English blockede Java. The French, who were in nominal control, quickly surrendered to the British army. The victory was hardly noticed back in Europe

41.Raffles was born in …

a.1781     b.1871     c.1718          d.1817                e.1178

42.Had Raffles ever worked in Malaya?

a.No.he hasn’t    b. yes he has he hadn’t     d.yes he had       e.never

43. As assistant secretary to the governor   of Penang , he did ….he refers to

a.governor     b.Raffles       c. secretary       d.assistant       e.president

44.In Raffles’ spare time, he liked ….

a.researching local history  and customs       c.researching customs            e.the people respected them

b.the people                                                        d.researching local history

45.When  was he transferred to Malacca

a.1880    b.1080       c.1808            d.1008            e.1800


Reading  11.


If you want to advance in your career, you will have to make some careful decisions about which jobs you take, evaluate a job offer for the value it has to your career. It may mean sacrifices at first. You may have to move to a different region or a different country to get a job that is right for you. You job that offers you the experience that you need. But you should never accept a job if it is not related to your career goals.

Accepting a job that is not within your career path will not give you the training or experience you need or want. You will find yourself frustrated in such a position and consequently will not perform your best. This will have an effect on the people around you, who will not feel  as if you are being part of the team. The best  advice is to think carefully before accepting any position and make sure the job is one you want to have.

46.   The most significant factor in evaluating a job is …

a.       How much you will like it

b.      Value to your career

c.       Salary

d.      Location

e.      Sacrifices

47.    What is not mentioned as a sacrifice for a valuable job ?

a.       To move to different country

b.      No benefits

c.       Low salary

d.      Bad hours

e.      Moving

48.    Kind of job we should never accept is ….

a.       One not related to your career goals

b.      One that you need the experience

c.       One that you work hard

d.      One that has a negative effect on people around you

e.      One that requires a long commute

49.    What is wrong with taking a job outside your career path ?

a.       You will earn less

b.      You won’t perform as well

c.       People will give you advice

d.      You will be part of a team

e.      You will have an effect

50.   What is the author’s best advice ?

a.       Take the first job offered

b.      Consider changing careers

c.       Don’t work with other people

d.      Think before accepting a job

e.      Don’t work carefully



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